A perfect framework for small, low-cost projects

Introduction to Vue.js

Vue.js is a new, one of the most popular frameworks, perfect for small, low cost and fast-to-deliver projects. It is based on the MVVM model and allows us to create very flexible, reactive apps.

The biggest advantages of Vue.js is that it is light (the library weights only several dozens of kilobytes), well-documented and flexible. Thanks to this, Vue.js is faster than Angular and gives developers huge freedom. However, that freedom might also be a disadvantage when it comes to bigger projects. This is we recommend building complex applications in Angular, and small, simple ones – in Vue.js.

It is the youngest framework that develops very fast. In DSS-Hicron, we keep a finger on the pulse – we observe and adapt to all changes and modifications in the technology. We know many companies or developers are still wary of novelties such as Vue.js – and for our unsure clients, we offer explanations, suggestions, and knowledge transfer.

As a good practice, we suggest Vue.js to our clients for small, low cost and fast-to-deliver projects that do not require a large group of developers.

How do we work with Vue.js?

At DSS-Hicron, we are using:

  • Vuetify,
  • Vue Material Kit,
  • Vue Material,
  • and many others.

Remember – it is the projects and its scope that dictates the tools and libraries we are going to use. We are open to using many different tools if they provide an added value for our client.

Since Vue.js is based on JavaScript, there is no restriction on what we want to do with this framework – we can create progressive web applications, cloud applications, and many more.

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