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Introduction to React

We value React for how light that library is, and for flexibility in approach to an application’s architecture. DSS takes great advantage from it – thanks to our mastery in JavaScript.

React gives a lot of freedom to developers, which makes it a great technology to build applications truly tailored to your needs. It can be better configured and optimized, and also have added exactly those libraries that are needed. Thanks to our attention to code quality and performance, you can get the software that not only does the job, but also does it in a very efficient way.

DSS-Hicron agrees with a global trend: mobile-first. We do not forget about RWD, and develop PWA – a lighter, more efficient alternative to mobile native apps.

What are we using with React?

To develop apps that perform well, we use:

  • Material UI,
  • Bootstrap,
  • CSS,
  • Jest,
  • TSLint,
  • RsJs
  • Redux (for older projects),
  • GraphQL.

We take care to cover our projects with tests. We perform unit, integration and automated functional tests. We do code review.

Aside from React, we are also experienced with Vue.js and Angular.


In Digital Software Services team are fullstack developers experienced with broad cloud experience. For you, it means we can take care of every aspect of your application – be that designing it, optimizing, testing or moving it to the cloud.

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