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Introduction to Python

The popularity of Python is growing, especially lately. One reason is that areas such as data mining, AI, data science or numerical computing are gathering more and more attention. The other is that with Python you can develop very sophisticated tools and applications – and it is not complicated or time-consuming!

If you need a vote of confidence to trust this language, then know that platform such as Google, YouTube or Instagram rely on Python when it comes to their critical infrastructure.

Very scalable, easy to write (and thanks to that – less prone for bugs), and used to general-purpose, Python is in high demand right now. And skilled DSS developers are ready to answer that demand!

Why can you entrust us your Python development project?

DSS Hicron means people – talented developers and experienced engineers that want more than just to write the code.

We created our own way of cooperating with clients. Your project will have a guarding angel – Agile Lead Delivery, that will make the communication between you and the team smooth and effective. You will see how easy it is to work with a software house!

Since we are Java and other front-end language specialists, have back-end and full-stack developers and QA engineers on board, you can be sure we will take care of your project as a whole.

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