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Introduction to PHP

PHP is an effective, general-purpose scripting language that is mostly used for building corporate websites. It is server-side, that means it is invisible for user and allows to generate dynamic websites.

The most important part of our offer is creating and developing applications based on the project, its requirements, and our client’s needs.

With its frameworks Symfony or Laravel – we can build responsive sites and applications, taking a great care of their performance. We can tailor an application to suit the needs at every single detail.

When that deep customisation is not needed, we suggest using one of open-source, PHP based solution like Drupal or WordPress – world known and appreciated Content Management Systems. We can extend existing modules, build new ones, and configure standard edition to meet clients’ requirements and expectations.

Last but not least – e-commerce area. Here we are focused only on Magento platform that we believe to be now the best value-for-money product. We can support you in every stage of your e-business – building your first shop, upgrading it to newer version, extending existing features and modules, and most importantly – integrating with other systems (e.g. ERP).

What can we do for you with PHP?

Apart from pure software development we also take care of Quality Assurance. Our solutions are always well tested to the agreed level, including automation tests when agreed with the client.

From Product Design to Quality Assurance – we will take care of the whole process of building your website or application.


  • develop small and more complex projects in Symfony or Laravel framework;
  • develop responsive websites;
  • build and customize e-commerce platform Magento;
  • build and customize CMS platforms like WordPress or Drupal;
  • integrate PHP solutions with third-party systems and applications.
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