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Introduction to Node.js

If you are searching for a back-end that makes application maintenance easy and cost-effective, choose Hicron’s Node.js development services. The platform built on JavaScript runtime makes it incredibly easy for frontend developers to take care of the backend of an application. As a result, you spare both time and money on the project.

Node.js is a fully-fledged backend, comparable to Java or C#. It support database connection and package management. It is also optimized all the time, which constantly improves its performance.

Thanks to using the same language (we use both TypeScript and JavaScript), frontend developers can easily manage backend written with Node.js, if only it is correctly set up in the first place. Since in DSS-Hicron team are Node.js developers, as well as the front-, back- and fullstack developers, we can prepare the environment for your team, as well as take over the project – whatever suits your needs better.

Additional advantages of Node.js development services are good scalability and very fast progressing.

How we provide Node.js development services?

At DSS-Hicron, we are experience with:

  • Sequalize,
  • Express,
  • GraphQl,
  • Mocha,
  • ts-mockito.


DSS will:

  • develop fast, scalable applications,
  • prepare a backend environment for frontend developers to maintain,
  • write an application from scratch, as well as taking over the project.


Are you not sure if Node.js is what your need for your project? Or maybe there is something you want to know before you start working with us? An important part of our services is technology consulting, so take advantage of it and send us your questions!

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