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Introduction to .NET

.NET framework (Windows) or .NET Core (cross-platform) are made for building efficient HTTP services that will be able to be reached by a massive range of clients, including web browsers, mobile devices, smart TVs, web-based home automation tools, and more.


DSS team uses C#, a powerful and well-developed language for writing almost any kind of software.

.NET gives us a broad range of possibilities when it comes to developing software. Simply speaking: almost anything can be built here.

Tasks we have experience with include inter-system integration using various types of communication methods. We also organize communication between machines on production lines.

If you need a web application that supports your business, come to us. We are using the latest frontend technologies, like Angular, React or Vue.js.

Every application we develop is well-covered with tests, such as unit, integration and automated functional tests.

What are our competences with building .NET software?

As software house using .NET, we have an average of 10 years of commercial experience with this technology. It means that we carefully choose architecture, technology and tools for our client’s project, to make the software as optimal and efficient as possible.

As this technology has been created by Microsoft, it is worth mention that we are no strangers to Azure – Microsoft’s cloud. With Azure, you can reduce costs of your infrastructure, scale your resources depending on business needs and use dedicated application in a safe way. If you are interested in digital transformation – check Azure services!

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