Java alternative with both functional and object-oriented features
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Introduction to Kotlin

As one of the newer technologies, Kotlin corrects some inconveniences we see in other, more mature languages. Compared to Java, you can write the same functionality in a more concise way, i.e. using the String template.

More than that, because of built-in methods of operating on text variables, you do not have to write some parts of the code by yourself. Such solutions save you from a number of errors that can happen when writing an application. As a result, writing is faster, and software can be pushed to production in a shorter time.

Kotlin is compatible with Java libraries and interacts with Java in a stable way. With its powerful frameworks, it is a good choice for building microservices.

What can we do with Kotlin?

We decided to use it to boost the portfolio of our client and made a microservice using this technology. It gave them many benefits. Kotlin:

  • makes jumping between frontend and backend for developers using JavaScript easier – thanks to Kotlin’s accessibility;
  • speeds up working on the project: both writing the code and testing the software;
  • facilitates coding, because of Coroutine support, String templates, and other functionalities.
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