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Introduction to Java

One of the most popular languages (according to GitHub), Java is mature, object-oriented, platform-independent, and backward-compatible technology, which gives us a wide range of possibilities when it comes to development.

DSS team writes clean code and delivers on time a product that works. When providing Java development services, we use dedicated tools, libraries and frameworks, both open-sourced (created by Java’s large community) and licensed. When it is needed, we decide which libraries, frameworks and tools will be the best for our client’s project – because sometimes there is no need to re-invent the wheel.

Thanks to our specialty, we can work with any version of Java, and even update older version to the newest one.

We make sure our software is well-tested. We write JUnit, integration and automated tests.

How do we provide Java development services?

Tools, libraries and frameworks we use:

  • Spring,
  • Spring Boot,
  • jOOQ,
  • Vavr,
  • Spock,
  • Intellij IDEA,
  • Eclipse,
  • and many, many more.

Additionally, on Java’s VMs, we can run:

  • Groovy,
  • Scala,
  • JRuby,
  • Kotlin,
  • Clojoure,
  • Vaadin.

Remember – it is a project and its scope that dictates the tools and libraries we are using. We can suggest you a wide range of features, but we can also write the code in pure Java.

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