DSS: Software house providing the cloud adoption services as well as cloud-native application development using AWS hosting
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Introduction to AWS

Are you interested in solutions such as:

  • a highly scalable stockbroker with unpredictable usage of EC2 instances?
  • distributed application with almost constant availability and resources stored in every region in the world?
  • decoupling your dependencies and take advantage of EventBridge and Simple Queue Service?

Or maybe you want something entirely else, but necessarily build with AWS cloud hosting in mind? If so, you are in the right place. With Hicron’s software house, you will take advantage of all the AWS cloud benefits: from scalability to short time-to-market.

DevOps activities, cloud adoption services, cloud-native app development, serverless architecture, microservices, CI/CD – the range of your possibilities is wide. Just ask us about how you can improve your business with AWS cloud hosting!

What is our approach to AWS services?

  • Consulting

We know what to do if you are facing challenges with long time-to-market, performance or old tech stack. Just explain your problem to us – we are the ones to find a solution.


  • Quality Assurance

Testing is included in each of our services. We do the integration and automated functional tests, unit tests as well as performance and load tests. You can be sure our solutions work perfectly.


  • From one microservice to full cloud adoption

Moving your business to the cloud is a big step, we know that. If you are unsure, we suggest you try smaller things first. Let us move one application or build a cloud-native one, so you can try it out. Do not feel forced – it is always better to check first.


  • Managed services and bespoke solutions

When it comes to AWS cloud adoption services, you can follow in many ways. Depending on your approach, we suggest team extension, managed services or bespoke solutions approach. Just talk with us and decide, to which extend our support is needed.


  • Transparent and on-time

In our software house, AWS services are performed respecting the deadline. Be sure of our reliability as well as our communication skills. Open discussion reflecting solving your problems is written in our DNA.

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