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Eliminate bottlenecks without wasting time and money!
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You can ramp up your resources without dealing with recruiting and hiring, and without coordinating a legion of freelancers.

How? By partnering with DSS Hicron!


Our developers and cloud specialists can:

  • take care of developing your side projects


  • reinforce your team with their skills and business knowledge.


DSS will create a self-managing team of developers with the skills required to do the given task. You will not have to coordinate or constantly check their progress. Every team has an Agile Delivery Lead, a person who takes care of the management and reports directly to you.


The team will start working immediately – without onboarding, time-consuming explanations and creating procedures. We are flexible, and we know the time is of the essence. So we won’t waste yours.

What can you have?

Self-managing team of developers

A team you don’t have to manage or babysit. We know how to work with deadlines and how to control backlogs. Just tell us what you need – we will do the rest.

Start-up-like organization of work

You will not be wasting time with establishing procedures with us. We are like you – fast and focus on the goal from the day one.

Flexible contracts

You have to be ready for anything – be that ramping up and down constantly or changing your focus in the middle of things. We understand that, and sign with you a contract that make both sides feel comfortable.

Business knowledge

We worked with companies from:

  • automotive,
  • finances,
  • e-commerce,
  • constructions,
  • insurance

industries. We also have knowledge in SAP systems area.

Leave us your contact data and take a moment to write in what way we can speed up your work.

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