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We know that in business reliability is a key asset, which is why testing is of the utmost importance to us.
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Benefits of Quality Assurance

  • Costs
    Avoid expensive system failures by trusting DSS-Hicron to keep the application working perfectly
  • Security
    Make sure all breaches and bugs are corrected, so there is no way to exploit your application and put your company’s or your customers’ data in danger
  • Quality
    Have a product that is stable and gives end-users a perfect performance
  • Reliability
    Be certain the application is always accessible and works flawlessly
  • TestOps & Continuous Deployment
    Know that your product is under constant surveillance of TestOps, so in case of any problem or error, it will be instantly fixed.

We know that in business reliability is a key asset, which is why Quality Assurance is of the utmost importance to us. Our specialists watch over every line of code so that each element of a solution or application works flawlessly and supports the customer’s key business processes day-by-day.

We realize that some applications miss that part, which can result in lower performance, worse usability, compatibility and security… We fill that gap by introducing proven Quality Assurance practices to already existing solutions or applications, even designed by other software companies. Our services include all types of tests: from unit tests, integration tests to automated functional tests, as well as performance and load tests.

Quality Assurance (including Testing) is an integral part of all our services. We always stand for that in each and every project. ‘Quality build in the product’ is our motto.


Testing with DSS

Engineers from DSS-Hicron can take care of your software’s quality (including security and performance) in many ways.  You can contact us on every stage of your project, even if your application was developed by a different software company.

As Quality Assurance Engineers and Software Testers, we are doing much more than just pointing our mistakes with the software. Our role is not only to control the product, but also to diagnose the process of production. As a result, we can correct problems in the whole process, thus improving the overall quality of the product.

Technologies We Test

TestOps culture

In DSS-Hicron’s understanding of the role of a Software Tester, a Quality Assurance Engineer is supposed to be able to work with any piece of software that they will get. To be a QA means that the tester has to have a lot of technical skills (including programming). They have to understand the software architecture, write automatic tests, configure test environment, teach developers to write better unit tests, dockerize the application and so on.

TestOps in our understanding is a tester that can take care of operations part of the system. They configure the pipelines, monitor performance and write applications that support the software.

The shift from a traditional way of seeing testers to TestOps is interesting – but not really new for DSS-Hicron. Our QA engineers always had a set of more technical skills and were able to do more than just using test scripts. You can say the change in the industry is welcomed by us – because the industry is finally rising to our standards. We are also aware of the fact that not in all circumstances such approach will be successful or even desired. So our team contains also manual test specialists, trained in the area of operations, but in the expertise of exploratory testing.

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QA & Testing is an integrated part of each and every project that we deliver. This is the secret of providing top quality products for our customers.

Marcin Połulich
Marcin Połulich
Digital Software Services Manager

Are you searching for Quality Assurance services?

Maybe you want to ask us:

  • how QA can stop your business from losing money, time or resources;
  • what to do to speed up your product’s time-to-market;
  • can tests really show what to improve, instead of just pointing out bugs;
  • how to improve security, reliability and overall quality of your products on every stage of its lifecycle;
  • if we can eliminate bottlenecks by improving the culture of testing in your company?

If so, do not wait and write to us! Our experts answer all your questions and help you improve your products!

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What our partners say about us

After carefully evaluating suppliers, we decided to try a new approach and start working with a near-shore software house. Cooperation with DSS from Hicron was something different, and it turned out to be a great success that brought added value to our company.

With HICRON’s creative ideas and fresh perspective, we reached a new level of our core platform and achieved our business goals.

Many thanks for what you did so far; we are looking forward to more in future!

hdi logo
Jan-Henrik Schulze
Head of Industrial Lines Development at HDI Group

Hicron is a partner who has provided excellent software development services. Their talented software engineers have a strong focus on collaboration and quality. They have helped us in achieving our goals across our cloud platforms at a good pace, without compromising on the quality of our services. Our partnership is professional and solution-focused!

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Phil Scott
Director of Software Delivery at NBS
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