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E-commerce online store adapted to the hottest season

Cloud optimization of the online store for the Black Friday's shopping spree
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The Business Challenge

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If your online store is inaccessible during the Black Friday, you are losing money – this is the fact. In your best interest is to prepare the environment for the increased number of customers. One way to do this is with the cloud.

Our client’s shop was not reliable. Both response and accessibility were having delays, and on top of that, the process of system deployment was not efficient.

High level management was right to be concerned about the stream revenue in the upcoming Black Friday season. The action had to be taken fast.

Our Solution

We quickly discovered one of the biggest problems was a database. Its optimisation became the top priority for the Digital Software Services team.

Next, to improve the production environment, we built a new one, based on autoscaling. DSS engineers decided to build it in the Microsoft Azure environment.

Following that, we architectured new deployment pipelines. In that way, we completely remodelled the deployment process, making it much faster and reliable.

Of course, as with all our projects, we did not forget about QA. Constant testing ensured that the code was clear and had no bugs.

Technologies We Used


The online store was up and ready for the Black Friday, ensuring the company’s revenue.

Deployment processes sped up significantly, thanks to which the company can better and quicker respond to its customers’ needs.

The online store is stable and responds to customers’ queries without a delay. It is also available at all times.

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