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Digitalisation of processes in Retail Industry

Web application for control of workflow and processes
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The Business Challenge

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The processes of clothes manufacturing should be absolutely transparent for a company that runs them. But when operations are conducted manually, without being registered in a digital system, such clearance is lacking. This poses a risk of financial loss, as well as logistical problems for stores.


The retail company came to us with a wish to regain full transparency over the clothes manufacturing processes. The company’s management wanted to control them in a digital manner.

Our Solution

Digital Software Services team, along with the client’s team, designed and developed a web application.

The application handles the workflow of the whole manufacturing clothes process. Within the application, each project of clothes creation contains a few workflow schemas, and each workflow schema contains a few configurable steps.

In that way, we achieved great flexibility in designing digital processes for various sets of clothes creation and manufacturing.

Technologies We Used


Our client is now able to digitally control all the processes connected to creating and manufacturing clothes. They can do that via a fully responsive, flexible application, that can be adjusted whenever the way of producing goods changes.

What is more, the digitalisation make it possible to optimise the whole workflow. For the retail company, it means cutting short time of production, as well as lowering its costs.


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