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Integrating machines on production line with ERP system

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The Business Challenge

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As a part of Hicron, we know how much a company can achieve with SAP ERP system. Especially if it is integrated with other systems the company is using: for example software that manipulates the production data, or even with… robots on the production line.

Aside from an ERP system, our client was using two external systems. The integration between those systems was not working correctly – often data was not imported from one system to the other or were generated in an incorrect format. This problem needed fixing.

That was not all. The client wanted also to integrate machines on production lines with the ERP system. It could greatly speed up the work of employees working on those lines.

Our Solution

Our first task was to integrate two external systems with the SAP ERP in the right way.

We used .NET and Net Services to ensure the data is generated, exported and imported correctly at all times.


The second task was to integrate the ERP system with machines on the production lines.

We used Modbus – a data communication protocol for connecting industrial electronic devices. Thanks to this solution, all the information that the employee on the production line needed, were imported from the ERP system and presented on the machine’s screen. If the employee needed to know how many components to put in the box, that information was downloaded from the ERP system. If they needed to print a label, they just send this information to the system – and the needed label was returned.


After correctly integrating the ERP system with external systems, the problems with packages of data disappearing ceased. 

Integrating machines on production lines with the ERP system saved time of employees working on the lines. Now, they can access all needed information without leaving their workplace.

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