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Easier way to calculate your company’s tax depreciation

Take everything into account when you are counting tax depreciation of your business properties
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The Business Challenge

  • Industry
    Real estate

Our client is a company that buys and manages real estate and movable property that can be depreciated. As a parent company with many subsidiaries, our client found it challenging to calculate the amount of depreciation that they can deduct from tax. 

Previously, they were calculating that amount for each month using tools such as Excel sheets. However, many factors affected the amount – for example, each renovation of the client’s buildings and objects. Counting the tax deduction took a lot of time, especially since it had to be done for many subsidiaries. The client wished to make this process not only faster but also easier.

Our Solution

We solved the client’s problem by developing an application for calculating the depreciation.

The application takes everything into account – changes in the value of an object due to passing time, its renovations, the time of depreciation… Thanks to that, the calculations are precise. What is more, the software divides the amount among the subsidiaries, saving the employees even more time.

The application was written in ASP.NET, NPS, with SQL database and NHibernate.


Employees do not need to put countless hours into calculating complicated depreciation and tax deductions. The tasks that previously took the many days of work, now are performed by the application in a matter of minutes. It saves a lot of time and money for the company.

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