Our specialty: web application development with the mobile-first approach
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Introduction to Angular

Angular (2.0+) is our specialty. All our developers know TypeScript, we also work with the newest technologies, like GraphQl and RxJs. We have a lot of experience with improving already existing apps, taking care of the code quality and performance.

At DSS-Hicron, we apply the mobile-first approach: we develop PWA and focus on RWD. With Angular’s libraries (like Ng-bootstrap or Angular material) our work is much more efficient.

With this framework, we can focus on ensuring good performance of an application, using reusable components, and keeping the clean code principles.

We are known to be very precise and neat in writing code. DSS developers make sure their code is reusable and clean – supporting themselves with tools such as TSLint and GIT control version.

As for testing, we perform unit tests such as Karma and Jasmine, integration tests, automated functional tests, as well as E2E tests Cypress. We have also code review.

What are our competencies with Angular?

At DSS-Hicron, we are experienced with:

  • TypeScript;
  • RxJS, Promise, async/await;
  • GraphQl and REST API;
  • RWD;
  • HTML5 features;
  • CSS 3 (Flexbox, Grid);
  • CSS framework (Bootstrap Material Design, Angular Material UI, Angular Material);
  • ES6.

Aside from Angular, we are also experienced with Vue.js and React.


In DSS-Hicron work specialists of Node.js, .NET and C#, as well as fullstack developers and cloud specialists. That means we can take care of the whole application for you: beginning with developing back- and frontend, setting automated tests, and building cloud architecture.

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