VisiON Architects. SolutiON Makers.

A new chapter for Hicron and Digital Software Services unit
Michalina Grzegorzewska
Michalina Grzegorzewska
Marketing Specialist
September 08
2 min

Any good software house has both experience and skills. But standalone, these two elements do not make a great partner for your project.

Only a team that can use the experience to create a bold vision will be an added value for your company. Only a team that can use their skills to turn this bold vision into reality, will make the job done.

Digital Software Services is a team of visionaries and practicians – and Hicron wants to celebrate and emphasize it. Thus we present to you’re the new company slogan:

Hicron. VisiON Architects. SolutiON Makers.

Daring and innovative

We are close to our clients and do not hesitate to suggest bold ideas. Trusting in our experience and knowledge, sometimes we say “no”, and propose a better approach. Our partners appreciate this honesty – they know we will not let them waste their money and resources on the lesser solutions.

To better show our innovative, daring methods, we created a new website for our team – you are looking at it right now. It is transparent, agile and modern, and precisely reflects our personality. We hope you like it!

Talented and skillful

DSS – and Hicron as a whole – consists of people. Without Paulina, Maciej, Marcin or Żaneta, there is no team. We want to celebrate our vision architects and solution makers and highlight their amazing skills. We also want you to see what we have to offer.

That is why we organize Great Square workshops – a free, one-hour meeting with a client. During the workshop, we look at 4 areas of your business. Then we suggest changes to increase your performance and improve your business possibilities.

Sign up and take part in the meeting with software developers and cloud experts! Explore the sky of your business possibilities.


Hicron’s new chapter

The world around has changed significantly, but our approach to the clients is still the same.

New Hicron’s slogan is not revolutionary. It is a result of our activities conducted for over a decade. It is an emphasis put on the commitment of our employees, on the wide scope of our services, on listening closely to the market’s demands, and on looking at problems through a prism of solutions that are possible, but sometimes not even existing yet.

Michał Guzek
Michał Guzek

There are many stars on our horizon: progressive web applications, cloud services, legacy updates, optimizations for increased performance, and many, many more. If you see your business possibilities between them, do not hesitate and contact us. Partner up with us – let us envision your success, and then make it a reality!

Michalina Grzegorzewska
Michalina Grzegorzewska
Marketing Specialist
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