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What is causing delays in the product roadmap?

Informing the client about delays in delivery is a hard experience. The talk is unpleasant, and their questions are difficult to answer. However, it is very important to ask yourself: what was a real reason for the delay in the project?
  • Michalina Grzegorzewska
  • September 10
  • 4 min
  • Hicron

VisiON Architects. SolutiON Makers

Bold visionaries, talented practicians - that is our description. As a whole company, Hicron starts a new chapter, marked by changing the motto to VisiON Architects. SolutiON Makers
  • Michalina Grzegorzewska
  • September 08
  • 2 min
  • DSS
  • Great Square

3 traits Digital Software Partner must have

Why you, and not any other software service provider? Any company searching for a new business partner asks this question. We hear it during our meetings with clients. We know what they are expecting...
  • Barbara Zielińska
  • August 31
  • 3 min
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